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Lately I started volunteering in a daycare. Kind of ironic that the same man the US authorities basically wanted out is now taking a part in molding the future generations of this fine country. Keep an eye open, and expect great things out of the Berkeley Jews in 20 years or so. After only several weeks, I  already feel partially responsible for the upcoming crimes these young citizens are going to commit when they grow up. Obviously, an NBA superstar or a Hooters girl will make me feel damn good, but if neither is a possibility, I’ll totally settle for a rapist or a mass murderer sociopath.

Seriously though, I have to say I find it extremely intriguing to interact with these kids. I didn’t imagine how watching them would teach me so much about society. I have a front row seat as these boys and girls gather behavioral patterns that will probably follow them forever, and I can’t stop thinking of some of my adult friends. It’s fascinating. I mean granted, I’m in Berkeley, CA, which isn’t exactly the prototype of classic Americana, but nonetheless, I get to witness a good enough range of tots.

America and American’s are being bashed and trashed from every angle and under every open microphone or keyboard these days. It seems like since Bin-Laden’s (equivalent of) Bar Mitzvah production back in 9/11, the slope is slipping faster than Sarah Palin’s disappearance. I’m probably not revealing any shocking facts with this theory here, but still, I can’t seem to shake the thought that those planes flew into a building, and it was America that crashed – in its own eyes, and it the eyes of the rest of the world. But I digress.

In any case, those Berkeley kids are so fucking nice to each other it’s almost painful. When I was a kid, going to kindergarten was like going to war. The minute your mom dropped you off* it was every man for himself. When I close my eyes and recall certain kindergarten days, I can almost hear Axel Rose screaming “Welcome To The Jungle” inside my mind (whereas here in Berkeley it’s probably Jack Johnson singing “Banana Pancakes”).
We had a bomb shelter in our yard, and I remember the day we all climbed on it so we can pee on a kid named Oren – just because we knew he was adopted. Don’t get me wrong, cause I ADMIRE how sweet and well behaved these kids are. I guess I’m just missing a little bit of spice. It also amazes me how I can tell them something and they’ll listen to me. The other day I told an eight year old he needs to sit quietly and think about what he did (kicking a wet ball on the wall or something). He actually sat and thought about it. Now if someone had said something like that to me 20 years ago, I probably would have told him there’s a higher chance of him banging his own grandmother than me sitting quietly to contemplate my prior actions.

Wake up and smell the Humus, because America is doing great. Really. I don’t really care if there are floods in New Orleans, downsizing in Detroit, homelessness in every major city and decrease in college graduates nationwide**.

Education, my friends, is the single most important thing in this world. Creating a better generation and making sure “our” children will grow up to be better people assures us that in the long run this country, and this world will be a better place. So that’s good news. Even if it’s not measured by a Credit Score.

This has to be the cheesiest way I’ve ever finished a written document.

* Assuming you were younger than the age of 5, when having your mom still dropping you off was cause for being tag-teamed in the showers.

** I’m totally making this up. I have no clue if the amount of college graduates have been increasing or decreasing nationwide.


Written by Frankelstache

March 5, 2009 at 11:10 pm

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