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I Have a Dream

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I had a dream about India
Where I was an emperor with brown skin.

Girls were feeding me grapes
I had a crown of gold around my head.

I was recreating chapters from the Kama Sutra
And was able to breath while drowning in Tikka Masala sauce.

I witnessed an elephant being raped
A man thrown into the Ganges

I danced in Bollywood
Had a red dot on my forehead.
Shopped for Saris
Ate rice
Smacked a Pakistani
Wrestled a cow.

An old man wanted my advice on life
And offered his granddaughter in return
Monks taught me how to brew
Monkeys unshackled themselves in my honor.

This is very wonderful.

I woke up in America
No grapes in the fridge
But lots of cherries in the sink.
No crown of gold
No Kama Sutra,
Elephants in the zoo
And a deer outside the window.

There’s no Ganges River
But Tikka Masala hell yeah
No Pakistanis to smack
No cows to wrestle
Saris aren’t pop.
And the rice is too gentle.

Old men seek no advice
Their granddaughter’s on Facebook
Monks vote Republican
Monkeys are used to test shampoos.

Guess I’m alright with that. Some dreams aren’t meant to change your lives. I guess.


Written by Frankelstache

June 12, 2009 at 10:49 am

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